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Birthdate:Jan 4
Location:Alaska, United States of America
Saiyuki Gaiden moodtheme by kaoticwords

You can find me on:
AO3/Archive of Our Own
Tumblr, where I also dabble with a Naruto-fandom RP account or two

I'm a fanfic author, usually of M/M (or yaoi or slash or whatever you prefer to call it), who began in Gundam Wing, primarily writing 2x5x2. I still love the pairing, even if the fandom is nigh on dead and even though most of my GW fics embarrass me by now. ^_^;

I moved to Saiyuki in March 2004. I love the main timeline to death, but I love Gaiden just a teensy bit more. Conventionally, I'm a 585/10K girl. Unconventionally, I'm all about the Dragon love in either incarnation - GouTen and Hakuryuu/Hakkai particularly. Which is not to say those are the only things I'll read or write, but they are my favorites. ♥

Since the end of January 2011, I seem to be writing primarily in Naruto. I love so very many of the characters and am open to all sorts of pairings but YamaSai tops the list; GaiKaka and KakaYama are other heavyweight favorites. I have written and am willing to write lots of others and I'll read still more, but I'm not really a fan of any of the major/popular ships.

If you're looking for my fic, please visit my AO3 account. If for some reason you prefer not to hit AO3, or if you're looking for my haha, 'fanart', all my fanworks can also be found via my LJ memories:
My Gundam Wing Fics
My GW Fanart
My Saiyuki Fics
My Saiyuki Drabbles
My Saiyuki Fanart
My Naruto Fics
My Naruto Fanart

I read in other fandoms as time allows. Some of what I like, when I can find it (in no particular order):
DS9 - Garak/Bashir primarily
General Star Trek to a lesser degree
Pet Shop of Horrors
Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra
XMen - Logurt
Firefly ♥
Tiger & Bunny - primarily Kotetsu-centric and not paired with Barnaby
Avengers - Thor/Bruce primarily
RK - Sano/Kenshin
Demon Diary
Heat Guy J
Origi-fic by authors whose fanfic I've enjoyed

Some of my favorite things include dragons, the cello, rocky road ice cream, smoldering UST, porn with feelings, fanart with heart, vampires who don't sparkle, chai tea lattes, music, the ocean, dragonflies, chocolate pudding, bands from Finland, and blueberry pie. Um, I'm married & the mother of two. I worked in accounting for a few years, then switched to an IT career for which I still feel horribly underqualified despite my degree. My musical tastes are wide & varied and ever-expanding; favorites old and new include Alice Cooper, Depeche Mode, Yanni, Nightwish, Rammstein, Keiko Matsui, Doa, David Arkenstone, Hans Zimmer, Beethoven, Linkin Park, Sonata Arctica and Poets of the Fall.

Anyone who might want to friend me, for fic or whatever, should feel welcome. I don't mind at all. I friend back in case of anything f-locked.
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