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Title: Closer
Artist: TJ Dragonblade
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: YamaSai
Rated: Mature/17+
Warnings: M/M, sexual situation, inexplicit nudity
Medium/Tools: 0.5mm mechanical pencil and kneadable eraser on standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper; cleaned up slightly in Paint.NET

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Probably NSFW )

Notes: There's this photo (not worksafe) that I've been fond of for years, and at some point in the past several months I started thinking I could probably convert it to a YamaSai drawing if I put my mind to it. So I finally did. Put the basic lines down on paper somewhere in October or November and picked it up again in January. This is where I should note that I haven't drawn anything since like 2004. It's safe to say that much as I love hands, they are still not my favorite thing to draw (thank you, Yamato, for having such detail-obscuring hair ^_^). There are flaws in this, I'm very aware, but I won't point them out in hopes that not drawing attention to them will help them escape notice. On the other hand, I'm quite pleased with Sai's arm, and Yamato's hair was way more fun to fill in than it has any right to be. ^_^ I still don't think they exactly look like themselves, but all the same I'm quite satisfied with this overall.
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[ profile] zalia: OMGthankyou! What a lovely surprise in my mailbox today!

Why do I Squee? Granted my scanner is far from the best; but that cover is *pretty*!
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For Brad, inspired by his The New Occupation fic.

(mumbles) Didn't even get online yesterday...barely in and out today...I'll catch up on comments and the f-list sooner or later...
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The art muse strikes at the damnedest times...I had work to do yesterday but this just wouldn't leave me alone. Inspired by one of my results from that 'What the hell happened last night?' meme. It's the sort of scene that would likely never happen, given Hakkai's legendary tolerance for alcohol; I said. Pic wouldn't leave me alone.

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Rated: G
Description: Chibis in the sandbox...

Notes: 'Kuss Mich' is a song by Rammstein, off their album Sehnsucht. I am far from fluent or even learned in German; I have no real idea what the song is about beyond the fact that 'kuss mich' means 'kiss me'. So I highly doubt that the pic bears any relation whatsoever to the techno-metal song; it's just the image that came to mind at the phrase. Somehow or other. ^_^' This is for the Summer Detour Challenge at [ profile] broken_compass

(glances out at murky skies) This is shaping up to be a dreary holiday weekend weather-wise so far...


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