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Here, have a few short little ficcish sentences from memes last summer and a couple drabbles from last month's round at [ profile] naruto_meme. Not really worksafe.

KakaNaru )

NaruGaa )

GaiKaka )

KankuSaso )
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Title: Kindling
Rated: 13+
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai, Hakkai/Hakuryuu

WARNING: Potential SQUICK. Please observe icon and pairing in combination with rating and decide for yourselves before proceeding. Thank you. ^_^

Worksafe )
Written: 8/22/05

Because the dragon and the muses are getting along *fabulously* and the images are just spilling out of my ears...
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Something that's been tickling at the back of my brain for several weeks...

Title: Kryptonite
Rated: 11+
Word Count: 100
Characters: Gojyo

Worksafe )
Written: 5/04/05

To be fair, this drabble owes its title less to the 3 Doors Down song and more to the pop culture reference, never mind that the bunny was born while I had the song on repeat. In the event that anyone is not familiar with kryptonite, it's the one thing that can cripple Superman, and it's usually seen in the form of brilliantly green gem-like stones.

(headdesks) Work keeps me so busy. No time to write, no time to social life will suffer for this promotion. I'm just going to have to find a way to balance everything with the new priorities. That's all. As I oughtn't to be indulging my social life on the job as it is, ne? ^_^;
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For the latest [ profile] 100_roadtrips challenge. Like my muses are going to turn down 'Between The Sheets' as a theme, never mind that most of my drabbles to date would fit the topic. >_< So of course, my first idea that's actually *for* the official theme turns out to be not smutty in the least. (shrugs)

Title: Raindrops On Roses and Whiskers on Kittens
Rated: 7+
Word Count: 100
Characters: Kougaiji, Lirin

Worksafe )

And, because I am at heart naught but a writer of smut...

Title: Heaven
Rated: 18+
Word Count: 100
Characters: Tenpou/Goujun

Not Worksafe )

Both Written: 4/26/05

(stretches) Haven't drabbled in a little while...kinda feels nice.

Over the weekend, I did something incredibly stupid. Not drastically important, by any means; but just personally aggravating. When I'm copying my Works In Progress disk to my hard-drive for backup, normally I'll just transfer the whole thing or the relevant files through the 'Folders' Explorer window. But for some reason last Friday night, I had my harddrive folder open and my disk folder open in seperate windows and I was copying files directly between them. And of course, of course, I ended up copying one the wrong way and over-wrote several days' worth of new work with an older version of the same fic. Very aggravating. So I've spent a couple days this week trying to get it back to where it was, since I don't know enough about computers to recover deleted/over-written files from a floppy disk.

Luckily, though, this particular fic consisted mostly of chat-style notes, and most of the work I'd done was just converting things like this:

Gojyo: (almost scoffing) His name is 'white dragon'? Gee, *that's* imaginative.

Hakkai: (blithely deadpan with that angelic smile) How very original.

to look more like this:

"His name is 'white dragon'?" Gojyo scoffed. "Gee, *that's* imaginative."

"How very original," Hakkai deadpanned blithely, flashing his most angelic smile as he turned briefly from the dragon.

So most of the work was not too painful. But there were still notes and scattered patches of new material that I had to recreate, and it all took time that I could have been moving the fic along down the road toward completion. Or making progress on something else. Just little aggravations in the grand scheme of things. Especially since that fic is one that's been sitting around for a few months, now, with nothing getting done on it until just last week. Never mind that it's one of my earliest ideas from last spring that's finally shaping up to be more than a random bunny.

(sighs) I haven't been on LJ much at all this week, and I'm sure there's plenty that I need to catch up on.
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Because Brad has dropped comments more than once comparing Kou to the title mascot...

Title: The Energizer Bunny
Rated: R
Word Count: 100
Characters: Nii/Kou They were feeling neglected...

Not Quite Worksafe )

(sheepish) Really, I didn't think it was *possible* to do pointless smut with these two. Although...if I expanded that beyond one hundred words, the complexity and twisted emotion would likely find their way back in very soon...

Also: [ profile] wind_chijmes has scanned a few pages from the Salty Dog III (or was that 'Got Salty Dog III'?) artbook, which she has graciously shared here. Thank you, Windy! Some lovelies, including one of Kougaiji that I've not seen before and a Gaiden pic that I've also not seen, featuring Konzen caught looking delightfully protective of his little monkey...

...Which reminds me, somehow, that Sycho-chan has at least two fics that I need to catch up on...
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They're aiming for comedy this time. And hey, it's almost gen...

Title: Sirens
Rated: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sanzo-ikkou

Worksafe )
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Title: ...It's a Kodak Moment...
Rated: G.
Word Count: 100
Characters: Kenren/Tenpou

Worksafe )
Written: 01/24 and 01/25/05

>_< Two days for a *drabble*--sometimes, my muses are simply pathetic. Or perhaps it's the fact that I can't sit them down for any length of time straight to hash it out...(shrugs)

I need to do some revisions to 'Awakening'. I've got somewhat of a better handle on Hakkai's voice by now; and when I skimmed through it a couple days ago, I found it sounding very noticeably like dub-Hakkai, right down to hearing the flat, stilted, out-of-step vocal delivery in my head. And good god, there are extraneous emphasis marks all over the place. And a blatant disregard for Hakkai's well-developed sense of modesty...though I may not change that. ^_^; I *like* having him shirtless, and...I can chalk it up to his highly-pre-occupied mental state, yes? ^_^;; No? ...Maybe? (sweatdrop) It does serve as a sort of visual metaphor for his vulnerability during the scene, after all...

And...damn, but Gojyo really needs a bit of tweaking, too. Though I'm less confident in my current Gojyo-voice skills than Hakkai...I'm more comfortable with Kenren, it seems. Probably because he's got that slightly-more-refined edge that somehow seems to come naturally when I sit down to write...

Whoops...rambling. ^_^;

So...yes. The fic's getting a little bit of a makeover. ^_^;

And then I really need to find the time to tweak it into's annoyingly quirky formatting and upload it to my long-empty account...
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Introspective Hakkai. I blame the Current Music for putting his hypnotic-addictive voice in my head all day.

Title: Feast
Rated: PG. And perhaps a 13 should be tacked on for mild suggestion near the end...
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hakkai. And he sounds rather...well, giddy...

Ummm...Worksafe )
Written: 01/18/05
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...I can't help laughing. While all the usual suspects were fighting over the muses, *Goku*--of all people--snuck in under the radar and kidnapped them. And he brought Sanzo along for the ride...

Title: Dessert
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sanzo/Goku

...Borderline Worksafe? )
Written: 01/17/05
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Continuing from the last one...

Title: Oops - Part II
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: Gaiden

Ehhh...Worksafe )

Although that drifts quite a bit from the direction I intend to take the full fic that incited these drabbles. (stretches) Though I do wish the muses would pay more attention to the full-length projects, now, rather than slinging all these itty-bitties at me...
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Two un-related drabbles, wherein Kenren exacts the muses' undivided attention for a few moments...

Title: The Final Straw
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Characters: Kenren, nameless CO
Spoilers: Gaiden; specifically Kenren's assignment to the Western Army

Worksafe )

Title: Oops
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Characters: Kenren
Spoilers: Gaiden

Not Quite Worksafe )
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...I looked up 'drabble' in the dictionary...I hadn't realized it was a real word. And while there's no literary definition given, it is in fact a verb: "make or become wet and dirty: to become, or make something, wet and dirty". (from the MSN Encarta online dictionary) ^_^ No wonder the word sounds messily impolite!

Title: Puppet Master
Rated: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Nii

Worksafe )
Written: 01/10/05

And with that, the creativity begins to flow once again...I hope. ^_^; I mean, I've been trying to get *that* one written since 'Toys' was announced as a challenge theme two weeks ago. -_-; Or was it three, by now?

Anyway. More evidence in favor of Nii/Kou:

Firstly, there's the whole metaphor of crows and rabbits that keeps making its appearance. And as Brad pointed out, there's the fact that Nii has put himself in the position of 'predator' despite the fact that he himself is a rabbit under the Chinese zodiac to back up Koumyou's observation that he seeks to be devoured. Lovely subtle metaphors and symbolism that are just delightful. But wait, there's more! Kougaiji, too, was born Year of the Rabbit. Naturally, then, 'predator' Nii is going to treat him as 'prey'. But beyond that...the man is undeniably fond of his rabbits. Observe how important a place the bunny doll occupies in his life. Some speculate that this is because it's the hiding place for the scripture he had as a Sanzo. (shrugs) I think it's nothing quite so trite, myself, never mind the fact that I'm still debating whether or not Ukoku would have been entrusted with a scripture. I don't think I've yet seen anything manga or anime dealing with that specific point, but the fact that Ukoku was never fully official-ized with the mark on the forehead *and* the fact that Koumyou had custodianship of two sutras seems rather telling to me...

I'm drifting off topic. As usual. ^_^; Back to Nii.

I think, perhaps, that the bunny doll serves as a sort of symbolism for his obsessive fascination with Kougaiji. He has called Kougaiji his 'little rabbit', after all. And he keeps the bunny with him at all times. He holds conversations with it. He speaks for it. He puppeteers it. He exerts the sort of control over it that he appears to strive for with Kougaiji. Only Kou, of course, is nowhere near so compliant as his 'lovely doll'. Which is entirely the point of the fascination.

Even on a simpler note, it's clear between the doll and the coffee mug and the slippers that the bunny is a favorite motif for the dear doctor. Which makes the fact that he would speak of Kougaiji as 'my little rabbit' quite telling, indeed...
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Sort of an after-thought to the 'Temptation' drabble I posted a couple of days ago...

Title: Displaced
Rated: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hakuryuu, Gojyo/Hakkai

Worksafe, I suppose )
Written: 12/22/04
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Megadeth is putting out new material! This is delightful news, indeed; for the last I'd heard, they were retired for good due to medical reason on Dave Mustaine's part...which could have been erroneous information, I suppose...whatever the case. I'm glad to hear them still on the scene. And musings of this sort prompted me to pull out my Megadeth CDs in the car a few days ago; I was contemplating last week's drabble challenge on my way to work and then the song 'Promises', off 2001's The World Needs a Hero album, came on and the lyrics just stuck out as something of a sore thumb. Specifically:

Lyrics )

This has a very bittersweet mood, the music mixing strings with the signature Megadeth sound--this is probably the closest they've come to a ballad that I've yet heard. There is another verse, and more repetitions of the chorus. But that's the half of the song that thwapped me upside the head for the drabble. I've dithered over whether or not it was worth writing for a few days; but the damned muses are insistent. Weary of the reincarnation theme? Feel free to skip this. ^_^

Title: Promises
Rated: R, for violence
Word Count: 100
Characters: Unnamed reincs somewhere between TenKen and Gojyo/Hakkai

Worksafe but a Little Bloody )
Written: 12/21/04

And, because I just can't seem to help drabbling 85 all over the place this week:

A complementary pair exploring the spectre of Gonou. Titles plucked from 'My Immortal', by Evanescence, which kept playing time after time on the damned radio at work while these were in progress. The mood fit. And there we have it.

Title: Your Presence Still Lingers Here
Rated: R. Not Quite Worksafe
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hakkai/Gojyo
Spoilers: Elements of Hakkai's past

Hakkai )
Written: 12/22/04

Title: Bound by the Life You Left Behind
Rated: R. Not Quite Worksafe
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hakkai/Gojyo

Gojyo )
Written: 12/20/04

(fidgets) I'm hating this time of year, and I don't know why. (siiighs)
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Another drabble. Rather cliche, I realize; nonetheless...

Title: Temptation
Rated: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Gojyo/Hakkai

Suggestive But Worksafe )
Written: 12/20/04
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Seems I'm drabbling all over the place this evening. Here's another for [ profile] 100_roadtrips

Title: Not Quite The Waldorf-Astoria
Rated: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Gojyo/Hakkai

Not Quite The Waldorf-Astoria )
Written: 12/09/04

That conversation could've continued well past the 100-word wanted to, it really did; but I managed to rein it in a bit...
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Allowing neglected characters to vent in drabble form--a sure sign of a guilty conscience or of a mind too far gone to save. Or perhaps a bit of both...

Gojyo & Hakkai )

Goku & Sanzo )
Both written 12/7/04
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Drabble is such a funny word...taken as a noun, it brings to mind dull cross-word board games or the sounds made by turkeys...although I suppose that would be more onomatopoeia than noun...and yet when taken as a verb, it suddenly sounds...messily impolite... ^_^ Hee. Drabble.

Ahem. On with the latest...

Title: Not Just a Fashion Statement
Rated: PG, for mild naughty implications
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hwan, Nii

Not Just a Fashion Statement )
Written: 12/06/04
And I'm sure if you know my preferences by now you can guess just who *does* share the good doctor's bed, yes? ^_^
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Another [ profile] 100_roadtrips drabble...

Title: Bodhisattva For A Day
Rated: G
Word Count: 100
Characters: Jiroushin, Kanzeon

Bodhisattva For A Day )
Written: 12/01/04

According to the counter in MS Word, that's actually 115 words. (scratches head) But every online counter I plug it into tells me it's 100. The punctuation accounts for seven words of the difference; but I'll be damned if I can figure out the other eight...(shrugs) Ah well. Though I suppose if I'm going to be using the online counters as my standard, I'd best go add four more words to the Goujun drabble.

Ooh, and I see exactly where I can put them, too...
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After poking around at [ profile] 100_roadtrips for a little while yesterday, the muses decided to throw the following bit at me this morning...

Title: ...Didn't Your Mother Teach You To Knock?
Rated: ...Let's call it R. Not quite worksafe, either.
Word Count: 100
Characters: Goujun, Tenpou/Kenren

Le Drabble )
Written: 11/29/04


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