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Over at [ profile] konnyakuhonyaku there were translations posted last Spring of the comparative analysis section of Saiyuubito, wherein Minekura compares the original Journey to the West characters with her own Saiyuki counterparts. The end of Jeep's section contains this enlightening little tidbit:

The original dragon horse helps out Goku and the others by turning into a beautiful woman, and marking with golden poo and the like.*

This is perhaps the worst Jeep fic ever, but the bunny was rabid and it bit hard. Oh, god, I can't believe I wrote this. Please forgive me. T_T

Title: When the Chips Are Down
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rated: 13+, (mostly) for language
Genre: Gen-fic
Characters: The Sanzo-less Party
Wordcount: 1776
Setting: An alternate take on the 'sell my body' scene, Reload vol 7.
Warning: If the notations under 'character' and 'setting' don't ring a bell, then beware mild spoilers ahead. Also, I point your attention to the phrase 'golden poo' above. >_<

Disclaimer: Saiyuki belongs to Kazuya Minekura. No disrespect or copyright infringement intended.

Summary: When money is scarce, Jiipu helps out.

Worksafe. Err...mostly. ^_^;; )

*The bit about turning into a beautiful woman--my brain promptly went '*glee* Jeep can do Sexy no Jutsu!!! XD' So instead of turning into a WWII Jeep Willys, he turns into a classic Corvette with all the hips and curves, right? Vroom, baby. Really, though, there's probably a fic in the Jeep-becomes-a-beautiful-woman idea, too. Hmm.
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Four years. Four years I've been at this thing. There is a definite sense of accomplishment in having it done at last. Many thanks to Sorcha for the beta read. ^_^

Title: The Odd Job
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rated: 13+
Pairings: 585 implied but largely unspoken, stirrings of Hakuryuu/Hakkai (if one is actively looking for them); passing mention of 585 and 53
Warnings: Crossover, crack, scattered language, passing mention of yaoi and mpreg
Summary: Just how did Hakkai acquire custodianship of Hakuryuu?

Setting: A few months before Sanzo summons them on the journey to India and totally unconcerned with the fourth wall.

Notes: This is a cracked and campy notion that occurred to me shortly after I fell into Saiyuki in Spring 2004. It's been in progress a very long time; various portions of it have been lost and re-written on two separate occasions and I'm so glad to finally have it done. Crossovers must of course be handled very delicately; I realize that many folks dislike them on principle. *bows humbly* With that in mind, I've taken great pains to ensure that it stays in good taste, crack and all, and remains user-friendly to those unfamiliar with the crossed element. And no, I'm not saying what I crossed it with up front. Because it should work fairly well even if you only know Saiyuki, and *cough* life needs a little mystery every now and then.

Worksafe )
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Title: Building Bridges
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rated: 7+, except that you wouldn't necessarily want your seven-year-old hearing some of the words that go through Gojyo's head. ^_^;
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Genre: Fluff, Genfic but this is meant to be part of the mostly-unwritten ficverse in my head where 585 and Hakuryuu/Hakkai are the norm, so read that into the background if you wish. ^_^
Wordcount: 750-ish
Summary: Hakuryuu and Gojyo share a bath. Never underestimate the power of acknowledgment.

Notes: For prompt #1 (Non-sexual First-Time scenario, time limit 1hr) over at [ profile] saiyuki_time, and originally posted here. Drafting this took 50 min cumulative on two different non-consecutive days, not counting time taken to type it up after. Revisions on the fly inevitably happen in the typing, and I've taken another day to polish it up before posting for 'real' over here in my own journal. In the spirit of it being a writing exercise, though, it remains unbetaed and I'm posting without letting it sit untouched for a month or more beforehand, even though I'm itching to let it simmer awhile and see how it turns out then 'cause I'm just sure I can make it better with more time-- *resolutely turns off the 'stove'* ^_^;

Worksafe )

Concrit welcome. Thank you for reading.
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Here - have a Jeep ficlet that suddenly up and wrote itself after percolating as a forgotten seed on the back burner for more than a year. I rather like how it turned out. ^_^

Title: How Jeep Stays Sane
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rated: 11+
Genre: Gen-fic
Characters: Jeep and the rest of the Sanzo-ikkou
Warnings: None
Summary: The patience of a dragon does have its limits, but Jeep's not quite there. Yet.

Many thanks to Sorcha for the beta-read. ^_^

Worksafe )

Drafted: 3/16/07
Posted: 3/26/07
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Fandom: Saiyuki
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Title: Unwinding
Rated: 11+
Pairing: Hakuryuu + Hakkai; passing mention of Gojyo/Hakkai
Warnings: Slight possibility for vague, vague squick potential depending on one's perceptions of Hakuryuu and sentience.
Setting: Generically mid-journey; nameless inn
Summary: A warm shower is a wonderful thing for a tired dragon, particularly when shared with his beloved companion.

Notes: Because well over a year ago, [ profile] nightengale had wanted a Jiipu-Hakkai drabble for her birthday, and the muses overheard the request and went and got themselves happily over-inspired. I'm not complaining. Even if it did take me an unforgivably ridiculous amount of time to finish it off. ^_^;

Musical Muses
Yanni - To Take...To Hold
Yanni - Before I Go

Worksafe )

[ profile] jibii did a fabulous piece of fanart for this more than a year ago, from a snippet-tease I'd posted. You can see it here. Thank you, Joe!! ^_^
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Soo. In finally having gotten ahold of Reload v4, and read it through, and soaked in the painfully-delicious goodness that is Gojyo-Hakkai-Burial-Arc (and puzzling over things I just don't remember being in there in the scanlations I've read), I find myself at long last properly introduced to Hazel.

I must say, I was utterly and completely unprepared for the out-dated Texas accent.

And I also noticed that he seems to be dropping the second half of Gato's name. Unless of course it's habit for him to refer to his companion as 'Gat' and I've just never seen it in the little dribbles of Hazel-fandom that I've been exposed to...

Somehow, though, I...not that I know the character well at all, but it doesn't seem his style. Then again, neither does the old-west drawl. *shrug* I'm inclined to think that both are Tokyo-Pop translation quirks, but please, do correct me if I'm wrong. ^_^

In other news.

Nataku appears to have bitten a chunk out of his tail, the little brat. Either that or it's fin rot. I'm inclined to think biting, however, as the rest of his fins appear perfectly normal and it's just the one distinctly-mouth-sized horeshoe-shape missing. Besides, it rather suits his personality - 'I refuse to be the one with the prettiest fins!' *chomp* 'Take that!'


Also. My fellow Hakuryuu/Hakkai fans might enjoy this fic as recced by [ profile] baka_gaijin. I'm afraid that I do have issues with the voice and characterization, but I freely admit that I'm quite opinionated and picky about such things - especially where Hakuryuu and Goujun are concerned - and to see past those issues is to find the heart of the story utterly beautiful.

It leaves me pondering a somewhat similar plot-bunny, however; one that bit several months ago, has been relatively quiet since, and in all likelihood will settle back into patient silence before I can attend to it. Alas. For the moment, however, I am indulging this bunny with musical assistance, inadvertent scent associations (ohhh, Sea of Glass *_*), and far more of my brain's attention than I ought to be sparing. ^_^; I'm afraid it just can't be helped.

When, oh when, will this lovely-yet-damnable rain ever cease?
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Okay, so about a week and a half ago Brad dropped a 'Monkey x Hakuryuu OTP' comment in my journal and thus a bunny was born. It's gen-fic and not at all what's implied by the comment, in the end, but I'm pleased enough with it to share. Un-beta'ed; this was mostly an exercise in heeding inspiration and matching it to character-playlist music and following it through to its end.

Title: Only a Memory
Author: TJ Dragonblade
Rated: 7+
Characters: Hakuryuu, Goku
Notes: No particular warnings; gen-fic, wordcount 729
Summary: Monkeys have nightmares too.

Downloadable Musical Assistance: Yanni, Only a Memory

The fic )
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A bit of more-or-less untitled ficlet-ness written for Tav last week, un-beta'd and entirely forgettable. Mostly an excuse to produce something in an effort to prove to myself that I still can.

Prompt: 'Cake, kink, and a chara of your choice'
Rating: 13+
Warning: If Hakuryuu with a libido is not your thing, you'll probably be just as happy skipping it.

Devil's Food )
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Sort of an after-thought to the 'Temptation' drabble I posted a couple of days ago...

Title: Displaced
Rated: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hakuryuu, Gojyo/Hakkai

Worksafe, I suppose )
Written: 12/22/04
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This was originally intended for challenge #9 over at [ profile] 100_roadtrips, but my speaker absolutely refused to be contained to a mere 100 words. ^_^; He took me down a most interesting speculative tangent, and I just didn't have the heart to shut him up...

Title: What Never Was and Never Will Be
Rated: PG
Summary: One among our little band of travelers is haunted by memories of Tenkai...
Characters: ...That would be telling. ^_^

Should Be Worksafe )
Written: 12/14/04


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