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In a fine example of the art of Epic Fail, the top-voted name in my Goujun comm poll - shades_of_white - is already taken. The epic fail of course being my failure to CHECK suggested names before polling on them. >_< I'd re-poll, but I'm still shooting for bare-bones presentability by end of the month. Ergo, I must go with the next-to-top choice:

[ profile] haku_ryuu

(There's nothing there yet ^_^;)

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and to everyone who voted.

Feeling so much the addle-brained git, nowabouts. And I really liked shades_of_white, too.
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Re: The Goujun (and probably Jiipu too) Comm, and continuing on from this post, I'm asking for votes on the suggestions below:

[Poll #1372196]

ETA: I'll be closing the poll Friday 3/27/09...late, my time (and keep in mind I'm 4 hours behind Eastern time zone) in the interest of getting the comm created and started over the weekend.
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I'm pondering names for this Goujun archive thingy, and I'm coming up rather dull and boring for the most part. I was going to do a poll and solicit votes, but...really, I haven't got anything yet worth voting on. Soo. Instead, I'm soliciting ideas for names.

Ideally we're going for something not too generic (white_dragons is already taken anyway, ahaha ^_^;) but also maybe not too specific to Goujun because there may be Hakuryuu linking going on in the future. Or not. Totally open to more Goujun-centric naming if there's something good to be thought up. I shy away from things like seikai_ryuuou or long_wang (and I'd want someone to back up my other-than-English there anyway), on account of not wanting to tie up the names if future persons might want them for Goujun RP journals. And Nightwish fans have pretty well covered most variations of the term 'oceansoul' that I've tried though I wonder if a comm can have the same name as a user...? Am I the only one who finds 'Ocean Soul' an apt concept/description for Goujun? Bad idea because it's more likely to say 'Nightwish' than 'Goujun'? Does oceansoul translate neatly/concisely into Japanese? >_< I shouldn't go there, I know, but I wonder.

So, thus far, I'm coming up with stuff like goujun_n_jiipu or saiyuki_dragons (meh), dragon_library (never mind, it's taken), dragon_archive (dreadfully generic), etc.

haku_ryuu? ^_^;; Is it even linguistically proper to split the name like that?
western_ocean or thewesternocean? the_western_sea? seikai_archives ?*headdesk*

Grr. Argh. Suggestions? I have nothing to offer in the way of incentive excepting due props on the info-page and my heartfelt gratitude. ^_^;

Restrictions - comm names can't exceed 15 characters and can only be letters, numbers, and underscores.
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General netiquette question to fans, fanartists, and the fannish community at large (and I'm really looking for feedback on this, so feel free to point it out to persons who might have an opinion):

In your opinion, what's the protocol on posting/hosting someone else's fanart?

See, I'm working on this links-to-everything-Goujun community for Goujun Appreciation Month. There's a Japanese artist whose name I'm not entirely sure of - it's either Tsukiusa or Tsukiusage no Utage, though that may have been the name of his/her site. Saiyuki artist, possibly published DJ artist, lots of Gaiden art and--specific to this question--a fair bit of Goujun art. The site is no longer around afaik. Which means I still have no way of contacting the artist even if I did speak Japanese. If the site were still up, I'd just stick a link to it directly on this comm and be done with it, but that's unfortunately not the case.

I have local copies saved of most of the art, however. Is it bad form to upload these in my own space with proper credit to an artist whose name I'm not entirely sure of for the sake of sharing with other Goujun fans? I have no way of knowing why the site came down, but I'd hate to go sticking the art back out there on the web if having it out there is contrary to the wishes of the artist, or if there were legal reasons involved, yada yada. Y'know?

On the one hand, I want to share it with other fans and, in the shoes of a fan who'd not seen the original site, I'd want the chance to see it too. On the other hand, is it my decision to make?

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Now to finish off that meme-project I've been working on so I can properly start on the GAM project. ^_^
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Attention fellow Dragonfen:

March has been declared Goujun Appreciation Month.

Spread the word. ^_^

I think perhaps I should try to produce fic. Or at least ficlet. Because heaven knows, I do appreciate. *_* Oh yes.


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