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Eright, so, the evening kind of turned into a bit of a roller-coaster. Somehow husband got on one of his 'I want to open up and talk so we can be closer' moods, which...I suppose it's a good thing, no matter my reticence to participate. Somehow he got me backed into a figurative corner, though, and I ended up opening up all the Failure-issues with work and bawling my eyes out for awhile. And realizing that maybe part of the reason I avoid the talking-to-him-about-issues is that...somehow, when I open up to him, I somehow can't help bawling and it's a much more immediate re-living of the unpleasantness than putting it into written words. It's like...speaking about it aloud puts me right back in the middle of the mood, and it's harder to shake. But I suppose it's probably healthy in the long run. And he was...well, tonight he was being the husband I need him to be and I'm very grateful for it. Despite all my bitching about the other end of his behavioural spectrum, he really does have his good points.

So anyway. Had to work through that, and then go back to work because I forgot to turn in my timesheet before I left yesterday. Last minute 'OMG-I-didn't-get-paid-and-there's-no-one-left-in-the-office-but-you-and-please-god-please-say-you-can-help-me' emergencies will do that to a person. Or at least to me, and my scatterable mind.

But, but but but. On the other end of the roller-coaster-y-ness? Nataku actually nibbled his dinner from my finger when I fed him tonight. ^__^ Which is a tiny, tiny little thing that works wonders as a mood-lifter.

And there's the fact that I don't go back to work until the 31st of May. That's a mood-lifter, too. Yes. I'm taking a vacation. It's a vacation that I wasn't sure I was actually taking until about a week ago, but here I am. I neeeed it, really I do, and that out-weighs whatever hardships I might be imposing on the team back at the office. Not going anywhere, but that works out alright because my boys have not seen anywhere near as much of me as they should have these past five months and just spending time at home with them should be good for us all.

Plus. Internet-radio-featuring-old-friends is kind of a mood-booster, too. Though I suppose it's time for bed now, really. *sigh*
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Monday: At work: OMGWTFdrinkpleasekthxbye.

And I don't drink.

If I had more time, I'd get into details. As it is...dude, inter-personal personnel sh*t is soooo far outside my comfort zone. Thank god for saviours HR consultants trained to mediate such things. *shudders* Sadly disappointed in Sexy Minion, too.

Today: AJ's first pet! A small aquarium. And...a pair of some variety of golden barb whose proper name escapes me by now. He named them Jody and Mody. And will not stop hovering in front of their little tank.

So now of course Mommy is contemplating the pros and cons of getting a betta because she saw this gorgeous pearly-white guy with the most regally elegant plumage and greyish shading toward his face and fins who was just begging to have names like Goujun attached to him and fell halfway in fishy love.

And the fact that we now have a fish named Jody somehow puts my mind on Pet Shop of Horrors tracks. Heh.


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