Jul. 16th, 2006 12:29 am
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Aahhh. As it turns out? I totally fail at disposable photography. The flash didn't reach the stage, the pics all just look dark and bad and...well. Sorry, if anyone was actually interested in my con pics. I'm afraid all you get is Hakkai.

Oh, and a pic of Sakura that I stole from found on the local newspaper's website. I mean, no article or anything about the con, no, but at least this pic was plastered on the front page. *shrug*

I'll take what I can get.

This failing-at-disposable-photography? Also means that there are still no fish pics. I finished out the roll on them, but...sh*t. I can't even find my babies among the blotchy unfocused results when I look at the pics. *grumbles* And I had to pay to get the damned things developed, too. F*ck.


Jul. 14th, 2006 09:48 pm
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So. I ended up getting in just under three hours of con attendance. Not that any of the guests or panels looked particularly interesting, but it would have been nice to have the option. I probably would have sat in for Christopher Sabat. And I know Jeff was interested in the guy affiliated with Robotech. But Jeff didn't go at all. He said half a day was just not worth the $25 entry fee, to him. He insisted that I go, though, because I "deserve to be spoiled". Heh. My 15-year-old nephew wanted to go as well, so he tagged along with me.

So I guess this is my con report )

It's cold out, and rainy. I enjoyed myself, but I'm somehow left to go, '...Eh. Hopefully next year will be better/have more to offer.' Except that having no local friends, the lonely-outsider thing is probably not going to go away. *sigh*



Jul. 13th, 2006 11:20 pm
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Soo. That con? That I was positive was this Sunday? Is actually this Friday. -_-x And apparently has been all along, as I can't find one whiff of info about a change in dates when scouring the website. Yet I swear, when I first found out, it was Sunday the 16th.


Guess I'll be catching what's left of it after work tomorrow.

PearlyBlack dude still has no name. Still won't do more than play with the food pellet, or he'll ignore it all together. Spends less time lurking under his plant, but still glares daggers at me when I look in on him . Stubborn little bastard. ^_^ He has silver lipstick, too. I'ma go ask the Betta-comm about the not-eating thing, though. I'm really not worried yet, but I want to know how long is long enough to acclimate to new environment/new food before it starts becoming unhealthy.

Konzen has settled in nicely. Swims about among his lily-pad-type plants, hides among the stems when it suits him, stares back at me with this kind of 'So? And?' impassive disinterest, eats as well as the other two, and...oddly enough, I don't think I've ever caught him flaring at himself. Huh. His eyes are kinda droopy, too. ^_^

Nataku and Goujun, though...I think they're a little bit jealous. 'Cause they both go spastic-active when I'm near the tanks but not paying attention to them. ^_^ Goujun runs these lovely graceful looping laps along the side of his tank, and makes adoring...well, puppy-dog eyes at me (and if I stick two fingers in the water, he curls and swims around them like a cat ♥ ^_^). Nataku wriggles and darts in the corner closest to me, very much a 'Look at me, damn you!' sort of display.

*cuddles fish-babies*

*metaphorically, of course* ^_^

...con on a Friday, phoo. Of all the--not all the attendees are high school or college kids, y'know. -_-x


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